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 I guess the shortest description of me might come in two words – Old School. In this day of cyber technology, I still believe business is best conducted at best face to face, or at worst over a phone conversation. To that end, I encourage you to pick up the phone and give me a call if you are interested in one of my pieces. If you like the thought of supporting Small business, mine is about as small as it can get. Aside from an occasional helping hand from my wife, Lane’s Table Creations is a one man band, run from my home. When you call me, you will be talking to the Head Carpenter, shipping department, and all points in between, with never annoying hold music followed by a foreign voice. During summer, response times are usually end of day as I operate a charter fishing vessel on Lake Erie.

         As a life long Logger, I am no stranger to doing things the hard way. I often joke with people in my shop, that compared to a big production furniture manufacturer, everything I do is Amish. Having said that, Every piece I produce is a hand crafted unique work of art. Injuries in the woods, combined with age have forced me to leave  logging , but a lifetime of contacts in the forest industry have positioned me well for acquiring the finest slabs available for your custom table as northwest Pennsylvania has a thriving wood industry.

           Finally, as a practicing Christian, I believe all of my business transactions, as well as my work ethics are being performed under the watchful eye of Jesus. For me, “ Do all things as if unto the Lord “ is a way of life and a goal for earning your business.

                                                Looking forward to hearing your needs,

                                                                                     Lane Brown

When he’s not in the shop you’ll most likely find builder Lane serving his fishing charter guests on the water as Captain Lane. Lane has been a fishing charter captain on Lake Erie since 2017

Fun Fact:
In 2019, One of Captain Lane’s Guests caught the current PA state record Lake Trout. A mammoth Trout, weighing in at 31 lbs and 13 oz.

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